The situation concerning the outbreak of the coronavirus is currently changing on an hourly basis. We understand that the latest news may raise concerns and questions among our participants and anyone interested in attending the au pair programme at this time. The well-being of all our customers and employees is our number one priority and focus. We at AuPairCare watch the current developments very closely and are in contact with all parties, partner agencies and colleagues abroad. In order to keep you up do date on the lastest developments, please consult the most frequently asked questions regarding the current status of our au pair programme which we have gathered below. 

Can I currently start my programme?

The earliest you can depart from your home country is May 11th, 2020. However, due to the very dynamic situation, this date is subject to change. We are working on getting in touch with the affected participants immediately in order to discuss further steps. If you have any questions, please contact your programme advisor. Due to the high number of calls, we recommend that you send an email. Your advisor will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

I'm currently abroad. Do I have to leave the programme and fly back home immediately?

Our goal is to fulfill the wishes of our participants, but also those of our host families and partners. So far we have received very mixed feedback on how individuals want to proceed in this situation. We therefore ask anyone who wishes to end the au pair programme early to notify the respective advisor via email in order to arrange the necessary steps.

I want to go back home. What do I have to do now?

Due to the worldwide travel warning, which mainly affects tourists, we can understand if you want to fly back home early. As travel options are deteriorating and flight operations are limited in many places, we would like to ask you to send an email to your programme advisor. We will support you in the best possible way and will try to rebook your return flight. If flights are not included in your programme fees, we will nonetheless be happy to advise you on your intended return trip and coordinate all necessary steps with our local partner or colleagues (e.g. airport transfer).

I want to end the programme. Do I have to pay for my return flight?

If your flights are included in your programme fees and booked by us, we can usually rebook the return flight to an earlier date. Additional costs may only occur if the original booking class is not available. For all participants who have booked their flights themselves, we recommend either contacting the travel agency that issued the tickets or speaking directly to the airline operating the flights. If you have any questions, please contact your programme advisor.

Yes. Medical treatment related to COVID-19 is covered under your health insurance policy just like any other comparable illness.

Can I still travel in my host country?

In many countries travel is currently no longer possible or only to a very limited extent. However, travel may be possible again at a later time.

Should I still apply for the au pair programme at this time?

Absolutely! We encourage you to use this time to work on your application in order to depart as soon as possible after the situation has returned to normal. We still have many host families looking for au pairs, so get a jump on things and match with your perfect host family soon!