How much does an au pair year cost?

A year out as an au pair is one of the most popular options for living abroad as either a gap year between school and university or as a break before, during or after your studies. For comparatively low costs, you can gain a lot of valuable experience abroad, grow as a person and make new friends. 

As an au pair, you have the big advantage of not having to worry about your accommodation or meals as these will be provided by your host family. Our Au pair USA programme fees also include the flights to your host family as well as the return flight from either your host family or any other airport in the United States. Additionally, an all-inclusive comprehensive insurance package for 12 months is already included in the US programme fees.

You are also entitled to a weekly allowance. How you want to spend this money is entirely up to you. Many au pairs choose to use their pocket money for their travels on weekends and holidays or at the end of the AuPairCare programme.

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As an au pair in the USA you have the unique opportunity to get to know and love the everyday life of Americans for 12 months or more. By taking care of the children, you will quickly be integrated into your host family and gain a deep insight into American life.
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We at AuPairCare want you to be able to realise your dream even in difficult times. Our optional AuPairCare Cancellation Protection now gives you this peace of mind. For only £100 extra, you will get a refund of 100% of the program fee if e.g. your flights are cancelled, entry is prohibited, or you prefer to cancel the program due to pandemic concerns after you have paid the program fee. You can opt for the AuPairCare Cancellation Protection after successfully matching with a host family.

These au pair costs are included:

  • preparation and support by AuPairCare (with our Virtual Academy courses online)

  • attractive weekly pocket money and at least 10 full days of paid vacation

  • 500 US$ tuition fee for college courses (USA programme only)

  • 24-hour emergency contact hotline

  • visa support and service fees (US population register)

  • return flights from all major airports in the USA 

  • complete insurance cover for 12 months (incl. professional liability insurance) in the USA

  • other advantages & extras: membership in the Ayusa-Intrax Club, certificate after successful programme completion, optional extension, etc.

NEW: Your AuPairCare Cancellation Protection

A year abroad as an au pair is a unique opportunity. At AuPairCare we want you to be able to realise your dream even in difficult times, without worrying about signing up for a program abroad in the middle of a pandemic. You now have the chance to book our optional AuPairCare Cancellation Protection which gives you a peace of mind.

For only £100 extra, you will get a refund of 100% of the program fee and avoid a cancellation fee if at least one of the following cases applies after you have paid the program fee and before your departure:

  • Your government prohibits the departure from your home country or the entry into your host country.

  • Your airline cancels your flights.

  • The local government prohibits the entry from your country.

  • Your host family cancels their participation in the program due to COVID-19.

  • You are not able to postpone your departure due to personal reasons (e.g. starting university).

  • You consider it unsafe to travel and prefer to cancel the program.

If you do need to avail of this product, you will get a refund of 100% of the program fee and we will only keep the fee from the CoronaCare Cancellation Protection. You can opt for the CoronaCare Cancellation Protection after successfully matching with a host family. For more details please do not hesitate to contact us.

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bring a friend special
Bring a Friend USA Special

Share your enthusiasm and bring a friend along to become an au pair in the USA just like you! As a thank you we will give you and your friend £150 off your au pair costs!

au pair with baby

You have a lot of experience with small children (under 2 yrs), did an apprenticeship or hold a degree in a relevant field or have already been abroad as an au pair and can prove those qualifications in your application? Then benefit from our pro-pair discounts and save £200!

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