Au pair experiences: Meet our Au pairs

As a longstanding agency with many years of experience, we can give you plenty of useful tips for your au pair adventure. However, only our participants can give you first-hand information and show you what the au pair experience is really all about.

Being an au pair abroad can help you to grow and master different challenges. These can include potential disagreements with your host parents, problems with your host kids or feeling overwhelmed and being homesick. We at AuPairCare are aware of the difficulties that can occur during your au pair year. You can be sure that we will support you at every step of the way. If you have any problems, let us know! Together, we will work on finding the best possible solution for you. 

In order to get a better impression of life as an au pair, why not hear directly from our au pairs? Through their blogs and videos they take you with them on their journey!


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As an au pair in the USA you have the unique opportunity to get to know and love the everyday life of Americans for 12 months or more. By taking care of the children, you will quickly be integrated into your host family and gain a deep insight into American life.
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Spend six to twelve months in a carefully selected host family, allowing you to experience everyday life in metropolitan areas such as Sydney or Melbourne.
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  • How do I deal with homesickness as an au pair? Read more

    Every beginning in a new environment is a big challenge. Many things will be unfamiliar to you: food, family life, cultural differences, etc. You have to accept this phase as a normal part of your experience and have patience. Your AuPairCare host family and all other au pairs in the region will understand and support you. Talk to your host family about your homesickness. Everyone will understand that you miss your home. From our many years of experience, we can tell you that homesickness will almost always pass after a certain amount of time.

  • Do I get a mobile phone as an au pair? Read more

    It is possible that you will get a cell phone from your host parents, so that they can always reach you and the children. This will then be your work mobile phone. You must check with your host family whether you can also use this mobile phone for private calls and text messages. In general, however, you should refrain from using it for private calls and messages during your working hours. 

    If you are taking your own mobile phone with you, you should check with your provider about international costs or simply buy a local SIM card. 

  • Will I be provided with my own car? Read more

    Whether you get your own car is up to your host family. Some au pairs share the car with the family, others have a car at their disposal. If you do not have your own car, you can arrange with other au pairs or friends to pick you up. Driving your own car is a privilege and not an integral part of the au pair programme. 

    If you have your own car, you should discuss the rules for using it with your host family at the beginning of your stay. Can you use it for private trips outside of working hours? Who pays for gas? What happens if you are involved in an accident? These are good examples of important questions to address to avoid misunderstandings from the very start.