Become an Au pair with AuPairCare

Have you always wanted to leave your comfort zone, explore a different part of the world and get to know another way of life? With AuPairCare you can travel abroad as an au pair, live with a local host family for 6 - 24 months while looking after the children of the family. Being an au pair gives you the unique opportunity to experience the everyday life and culture of another country up close and gain a lot of valuable experience abroad. After the programme, you have plenty of time to travel and discover your host country.

We give you all the necessary information to prepare you for your au pair duties, assist you with your visa and flights, help you find your perfect host family and support you before, during and after your stay abroad! Experience the adventure of a lifetime and discover the "American Way of Life" as an au pair in the USA. We can offer you the chance to become an au pair in Germany to explore historic places and medieval towns. Get ready to have the time of your life as an au pair!

  • gain experience abroad

  • travel a new country

  • find a second home 

  • earn your own money

  • improve your resume

  • make international friends

  • get to know a new culture up close

  • gain new perspectives

  • take on new challenges

  • gain childcare experience

We at AuPairCare want you to be able to realise your dream even in difficult times. Our optional AuPairCare Cancellation Protection now gives you this peace of mind. For only £100 extra, you will get a refund of 100% of the program fee if e.g. your flights are cancelled, entry is prohibited, or you prefer to cancel the program due to pandemic concerns after you have paid the program fee. You can opt for the AuPairCare Cancellation Protection after successfully matching with a host family.
As an au pair in the USA you have the unique opportunity to get to know and love the everyday life of Americans for 12 months or more. By taking care of the children, you will quickly be integrated into your host family and gain a deep insight into American life.
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What is an Au pair?

Au pair beim Vorlesen

The term "au pair" derives from French and means "reciprocity". An au pair programme is also based on the idea of reciprocity. As an au pair abroad, it is your job to take care of your host family's children during your contractual working hours and perform light household chores. In return, the family will provide you with free meals, free accommodation and weekly spending money. Aside from your duties as an au pair, you will have the opportunity to discover your host country, meet friends and try out new things.

Gathering international experience as an au pair is different from traveling to a country as a tourist. An au pair programme takes much longer than an ordinary trip. You will also get to "look behind the scenes" and discover what everyday life really feels like. Compared to a regular holiday, your experience as an au pair will be much more intense and in depth.

However, this does not mean that you won't be able to be a tourist in your spare time! You still have the chance to travel, either during your free weekends or holidays or during your travel month at the end of your au pair experience! Find out more about your numerous opportunities to discover the country of your choice!

Au pair with kid waterfront

Playing, cooking, helping with homework, reading aloud, doing crafts...? As an au pair you take on many tasks and duties in your everyday life. Together with your host parents, you will be in charge of the kids and become an integral part of the family. Find out what your life as an au pair could look like.

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We as an agency can give you plenty of information on what it means to be an au pair. However, what a year abroad as an au pair really looks like can be shown best by those who have experienced it. Blogs, vlogs and testimonials of our participants will give you a very close insight.

Are you suitable as an Au pair?

Find out all about the requirements and criteria you need to meet in order to get started for an au pair year abroad. 

AuPairCare Team

To us, you're not just a number! Direct and close contact with our participants is very important to us. Many au pairs appreciate our personal support and remain associated with our agency AuPairCare even after their time abroad. Most of our customer advisors and many of our representatives have been au pairs themselves and know every aspect of the programme from both professional and personal experience. 

With us you have an experienced and strong partner at your side. We prepare you thoroughly for your stay abroad, support you with your application and help you find a host family that suits you well. From start to finish, we will be at your side to support you quickly and reliably, even in difficult situations. In the USA we work closely with our colleagues from the AuPairCare office in San Francisco, which is also part of our parent organization Intrax. Therefore, the entire process of your au pair experience remains with us from beginning to end.

Send a WhatsApp!

Do you have any questions about the au pair program? You can also contact us directly via WhatsApp. We look forward to your message! 

You have questions, we have answers:

  • You should choose a host family that suits you best. Being on the same wavelength and sharing similar ideas are more important than the area in which the family lives. Therefore we do not offer our participants to choose a specific city or region. In a foreign country everything is new and exciting, even in places you don't already know from movies or television shows. Since most of our host families live in the suburbs of larger cities, you are guaranteed to not get bored. You should be open to all regions in Australia or the US and can explore the country on weekends, during your vacation or travel time at the end of your programme.

  • The duration of the process mainly depends on you. It is possible to go abroad two to three months after your online application. It is important that you meet all the requirements and that you upload/send in all your documents as soon as possible. If you are really fast, you can complete your application within 2 weeks. You must apply for the police clearance certificate and your passport (if you don't have one yet) immediately. We will then arrange an appointment for an interview with you and can make your documents available to interested families abroad. 

    The placement process will usually be faster if you have an appealing application, plenty of childcare experience and a lot of driving experience. Host families naturally look at several au pairs and contact those who make the most enthusiastic, mature and child-loving impression on them. After you have matched with a host family, you can apply for a visa and book the flights (we will book them for you if you go to the US). This will take at least another 4-5 weeks. Afterwards, nothing stands in the way of your departure.

  • Yes, a driver's license is absolutely mandatory for all au pair programmes! Before we forward your application to your host country, you must be in posession of a valid license. In most cases, driving the children to various activities or taking them to school will be part of your daily routine as an au pair. 

    The distances from A to B in countries like the USA or Australia are usually greater than in European countries and the public transport systems are not as as good.

  • Yes. We recommend you to open a bank account in your host country.  The documents you need to provide depend on the country and the bank, however you usually need documents such as: your passport, proof of residency/address (UK), social security card (USA), etc. Our tip: Save some money every week so you can afford bigger or unexpected expenses.