The situation concerning the outbreak of the coronavirus is currently changing on a daily basis. We understand that the latest news may raise concerns and questions among our participants and anyone interested in attending the au pair programme at this time. The well-being of all our customers and employees is our number one priority and focus. We at AuPairCare watch the current developments very closely and are in contact with all parties, partner agencies and colleagues abroad. In order to keep you up do date on the lastest developments, please consult the most frequently asked questions regarding the current status of our au pair programme which we have gathered below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can au pairs currently enter the USA?

According to the current status, Presidential Proclamation 9993 (PP9993) is still in effect and thus an unlimited entry ban for all travelers who have been in a Schengen state in the last 14 days. Thus, only au pairs with a National Interest Exception (NIE) can currently enter the USA.


When will the travel ban end? 

According to the current status, the PP9993 and thus an unlimited entry ban for all travelers who have been in a Schengen state in the last 14 days is valid indefinitely until this entry ban is lifted by another Presidential Proclamation. If and when this will happen, nobody can say at the moment.


What is a National Interest Exception (NIE) and how do I qualify? 

National Interest Exceptions (NIEs) are exceptions for which host families can qualify if, for example, they work in system-relevant jobs and are involved in fighting COVID-19. Au pairs can therefore only qualify for such a NIE through their host families. For more detailed information, please contact your account manager.


Should an au pair with a valid visa appointment go to this appointment? 

Au pairs can still apply for J-1 visa appointments at embassies, if available. 


Do au pairs who already have their visa need any special documentation to enter the U.S. after the Presidential Proclamation? 

The J1 visa and the DS-2019 form still meet the requirements for entry into the US. However, due to the current indefinite travel ban, only au pairs with a NIE visa can currently enter the US.